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The book starts out with a good hook and you find yourself rooting for the main character…empathizing with him as he deals with past sins and both literally and figuratively battles past demons.

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Christina s. -  independent consulting - awarded Five Stars


“Trammel is an interesting mash-up of Terminator, Mad Max, and Total Recall that explores what it means to be human.  I look forward to the sequel.”

TRAMMEL - The Code of Humanity - Turning Metal into Flesh, takes the reader on a post-apocalyptic journey through the eyes of an Android. 

Since a small child, I’ve been enamored with the idea of creating a robot.  My cousin and I gathered scrap metals and discarded electrical parts, in hopes to build a cyber being of our own.

Humankind is now on the verge of making my dream a reality. Although I have yet to create a physical android from iron and flesh myself, I delve into the psyche of a fascinating cyborg know as, Trammel. Can we program a machine to be human?

current novel :  Trammel - The Code of Humanity

I was lucky enough to have read this book as a Beta reader. Does one need to be human to possess humanity? This is a question I found myself asking numerous times throughout, Connie Biskamp’s book. Humanity is fading when they bring in the droids. However, something happens to Tram, and I found him to be more human and more relatable than the actual humans. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait to read both, the final copy and hopefully someday, the sequel.

mike l. -  independent beta reader 

Connie Biskamp grew up in the mountains of New Mexico, where she developed a love of nature. However, being born in Roswell, not far from the infamous UFO crash site, added a level of mystery and intrigue to her world. She would love nothing more than entertaining an extraterrestrial from another galaxy. Connie Biskamp author, author central, connie biskamp actor

Connie Biskamp is a creative author with a passion for the performing arts. Accredited on Author, Producer, Actress, Assistant Director.

I quickly became attached to the characters, I kept turning the story’s pages needing to know how they escape the next battle, war, or brush with their own inner demons. Not letting the story grow too dark, Biskamp balances this darkness with light, using the characters’ quirks to bring humor when it’s needed the most.  Taking the characters even farther, Biskamp creates surprising relationships that stun and awe.

Jessica L. -  Independent Consulting - Awarded Four Stars

“ The heart of this story is held within the hands and souls of real characters."  

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“What makes someone human? A question that you will find yourself reevaluating in this apocalyptic story about humans, machines, and humanity.”

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My love of Sci-Fi / Fantasy comes without saying. I often look at the stars and admire the vastness of space. I consider how little we truly know about our existence and the universe. I enjoy writing scripts and novels with unusual twists. I think life is not as it seems...and I want my fictions to be unpredictable as well. I enjoy writing literature that focuses on the Romanticism of Defying Death.