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Time has been my cruel companion. Not just for years, but for all the centuries that have gone by. Sometimes I close my eyes, quiet my processors to a low hum, and try to recreate the past, but it’s a fragile dream—I’m always forced to face the harshness of now.

My reflection reveals how brutal time can be. No, not the wrinkles and laugh lines once afforded a man; my travel through time has been more sinister and haunting. You see, I will not die. By ingenious design, I’m immortal, a remarkable gift of both hope and desperation. I exist to carry on a quest, not only for humankind but also for machine.

Patches of flesh still cling to my bio-Kevlar and titanium skeleton. I know I should tear away the derma and discard it, but I can’t stomach losing my last physical connection to humanity. I enjoy beholding the skin and, better yet, stroking the smooth surfaces that remain with the sensory modules in my fingertips.

What makes flesh so intriguing? I’ve studied the faces of people as they hurry through their lives. All shades of colors and textures. Most of them searching for something beyond their required needs, they long to find happiness and meaning during their brief time on this volatile planet.

What can I tell you of the human species to help you experience their complexity, so in some way you might understand and appreciate their unique existence?

The adage goes, start at the beginning, but this is unknown territory. Or perhaps classified information. No one can be sure.

It may sound strange, but I still long for the warmth of a human’s embrace and the sounds of their pure laughter. I remember the din of their conversations, the “chitchat” as they called it. Although machines possess a digital handshake, the ambiance it creates is not the same as people carrying on small talk.

You may be asking yourself, who or what is telling this story? Moreover, if you’re reading this, I, in turn, am wondering who or what you are. I would assume  you’re an android or an advanced life-form, but my deepest desire—you’re human—perhaps, humanity has found a way to survive.

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Connie Biskamp Author


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