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Connie L. Biskamp

Author - Poet - Actor - Producer - Director


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Trammel - Post Iron Droid Wars

In the year 2445, Trammel, an advanced bio-droid, wrestles with the pain of becoming more human after a scientist modifies his original design in hopes of creating the perfect immortal being and preventing humanoid extinction. Trammel confronts armies, seductive beings, alloy creatures, and a grumpy old scientist Woody. Trammel struggles with the diabolical programming of his past and his ever-evolving human tendencies, which drive his quest for intimacy, meaning, and love. Ultimately Trammel realizes what it means to be alive when he identifies an impending catastrophic event, understanding that if he cannot find a way to stop it, all of humankind will perish, and he will face eternity alone.-

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Divergent meets Mad Max head-on in Trammel

In the year 2445, an unconventional hero is brave, clever, sexy, compassionate, and engineered to last

Trammel is Biskamp's best writing yet” Beta
Book Review

Praise & Reviews

Trammel is a roller-coaster ride! I fell in love with Tram, a sentient Bio-Droid, and never stopped rooting for him or his allies all the way through this fast-paced, science fiction thriller. Pivotal for me: Biskamp balances the story’s darkness with light, using humor and her understanding of humanity—our demons and our halos.

Sarah Lovett, internationally bestselling author of Dangerous Attachments
and Dantes’ Inferno

‘Gripping storytelling’
All Author

“Trammel is an interesting mash-up of Terminator, Mad Max, and Total Recall that explores what it means to be human.  The book starts out with a good hook and you find yourself rooting for the main character…empathizing with him as he deals with past sins, and both literally and figuratively battles with demons. I look forward to the sequel.” Mike L., E.E.

Biskamp's Voice tells the story


About Connie L. Biskamp

Connie L. Biskamp grew up in the mountains of New Mexico, where she developed a love of nature. However, being born in Roswell, not far from the infamous UFO crash site, added a level of mystery and intrigue to her world. She would love nothing more than to entertain an extraterrestrial from another galaxy.

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