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Trammel - Post Iron
Droid Wars

A Novel 

In the year 2445, Trammel, an advanced bio-droid, wrestles with the pain of becoming more human after a scientist modifies his original design in hopes of creating the perfect immortal being and preventing humanoid extinction. Trammel confronts armies, seductive beings, alloy creatures, and a grumpy old scientist Woody. Trammel struggles with the diabolical programming of his past and his ever-evolving human tendencies, which drive his quest for intimacy, meaning, and love. Ultimately Trammel realizes what it means to be alive when he identifies an impending catastrophic event, understanding that if he cannot find a way to stop it, all of humankind will perish, and he will face eternity alone.-

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Accredited on IMDB:

Author - Poet - Actor - Producer - Director

I've had the incredible honor of working in the independent film industry. I love being on set and creating magic with passionate filmmakers, bringing our scripts to life. I enjoy designing special effects, anything from a seven-foot worm to boiling buckets of slim, for They Feed, or curing artificial blood for Savage Spirit. I'm passionate about the arts! I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams!

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