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Connie L. Biskamp - Biography



Connie L. Biskamp grew up in the mountains of New Mexico, where she developed a love of nature. However, being born in Roswell, not far from the infamous UFO crash site, added a level of mystery and intrigue to her world. She would love nothing more than to entertain an extraterrestrial from another galaxy.


"My love of Sci-Fi / Fantasy comes without saying. I often look at the stars and admire the vastness of space. I consider how little we truly know about our existence and the universe. I enjoy writing scripts and novels with unusual twists. I think life is not as it seems...and I want my fiction to be unpredictable as well. I enjoy writing literature that focuses on the Romanticism of Defying Death." I'm a Novelist, Copywriter, Poet, and Designer - Connie L. Biskamp

Accredited on IMDB:

Author - Poet - Actor - Producer - Director

I've had the incredible honor of working in the independent film industry. I love being on set and creating magic with passionate filmmakers, bringing our scripts to life. I enjoy designing special effects, anything from a seven-foot worm to boiling buckets of slim, for They Feed, or curing artificial blood for Savage Spirit. I'm passionate about the arts! I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams!

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